How Are You Doing?


It is nearly 6 months i’ve been living in this whole new situation. Six out of supposed-to-be-twelve means not quite a number more to spend. So when a friend or family of mine asked me a typical “How are you doing” question, the answer was beyond “I am fine”.

In fact, i wake up earlier and exercise more often. i feel ultimately relax and content. It is not because this place offers only few number of things I can buy (definitely no malls at all), instead i demand less than ever. It then bursts the grateful feeling inside my mind everytime i want to go to and awake from bed.

The pace is so slow, but i never want to sleep the day away. By retaining every moment in my tiny brain cell memories, i can feel more alive and optimistic about what the future will bring at the same time. No hustle and bustle at all. Lucky enough I have more time to pray. God’s affection has filled me inside.

Moreover, I can focus on improving myself by not busy humiliating people, chasing the train, getting the sweaty skin from the cheerful sun not the pollution. And you know what? I dont have to bother put my backpack on my front side! Which i always did in order to protect my belongings from annoying pickpocket when back at hometown.

Despite the awful news on television, most probably come from far away piece of indonesia, which usually do not have something to do with people’s life in here, i can just turn it off, take a brisk walk, jogging or just have a bike-time for a while. Forgetting all of those miserable facts and simply seizing the moments. From which i can feel immortal to sickness and from dreadful boredom!

However, it doesnt mean that i ignore my job. Actually, i have bigger responsibility to be here than ever. I present as a real doctor eventually, not a supervised medical students anymore. I become more independent and that is big deal for me. Nevertheless, i am so happy because i can do the best treatment for my patients just the way i wanna do.

Yeah, still shit happens like in frequent: electricity cut-off (almost everyday), water cut-off (everytime the rain pours), people are even worse in punctuality, very bad internet signal, expensive living-fee. But im okay with that. No pain to gain and i can still growing! After all, Those aren’t essential for me as long as i can breath, think, pray and oh yeah write!

Thanks Allah 🙂

So, how are you doing?


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