“You Are What You Eat”

High lipid profile (lemak): elevated total and LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and moderate trigliseride level.

High lipid profile (lemak): elevated total and LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and moderate trigliseride level.

“You are what you eat”. Perhaps that proverb isn’t completely true as a 24-year-old woman came up with this lab result (after 10 hours of fasting). She was clinically healthy, proper body-weight for her body-height, physically moderate-active, no smoking history and absolutely not fast-food junkie. Most of the food she took were home-made. Yeah so relatively unaffected by rich-fat-and-cholesterol-food galore this Bacan Island have served  to its citizens thru decades.

She felt like a wreck. Horrible things like early heart attack, brain stroke, bla bla bla which led to early sudden death crossed her mind.

It was killing me even more because the woman was no one else but me.

At that time, something bothering strucked me back: maybe this is how exactly the patients feel everytime i said, “sorry Sir. Your cholesterol level is high” Then proceeded to the next instruction-like of advise, “Don’t eat this, Stop drinking that, etc. Otherwise u will get a heart attack”. Oh God, do they think i was declaring a death sentence for them? I felt so sorry for being rude and taking it as an easy words to say.

Hence, in my current confussion of how-to-deal-with-dyslipidemia, i come to a conclusion:

  • Comprehend your patients’ feeling before u say anything regarding their health condition. It can be their nightmare in their daydream;
  • Daily food or drink modifying is not as easy as its said. I am sure, as long as i live in this island, i’ve eaten more safe and healthy food than those i took in Jakarta. Less ‘gorengan’, less sweets, less pastries, (very much) less beef, and not ‘jeroan’ at all!. Just like i said bc i cook my own food.
  • Dyslipidemia is truly a multifactorial disease. Though i am myself still trying to find out which risk factors is applied to me, i believe some people are just irrationally involve in this unfortunate condition.
  • Early detection is ultimately recommended for you hey youngsters! Better to get hurt for knowing the truth earlier than holding it for later.

I decided to show this result to public than keep it in secrecy. I hope this decent sharing may gain awareness for both patients and doctors :”)


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