‘Batobo’ in South Halmahera

Thank’s God It’s Friday Saturday!

Yep, Because we don’t have holiday in Saturday, like we used to have back in Jakarta. So, as Saturday is the last day of the ‘business-days’ in here, we only have one day of weekend: Sunday is.

It sounds soo tiring to work (almost) the whole week, but trust me it is not at all! Because here we are…Always find a way to seize the day : BATOBO!

Whoa, we really had a great time in that evening. The sun was nearly touching down the horizontal line, but it didn’t stop us from releasing our energy to swim at that small harbor! Well, we don’t even know the real name of that harbor, some people said it is a new one. But we don’t care as long as it is fun 🙂

There were five of us who deliberately catched the air but only three of us who truly touched the water. Actually, i came to this land with six friends (so, seven in total), all of us are internship doctors who will spend a year working in primary healthcare and hospital.

I know it is kinda amateur video recording and we must practice our jump to the water. But hey look! we were drenched by the joy 🙂 Maybe one day those local children behind us will teach us some jumping-styles (trust me they are the best!)

We were glad to find such of this place in our neighborhood (yes, we can ride a bike or just walk on foot to reach this harbor). But ultimately, we were even feel more glad to be able to live our day to the fullest!

#YOLO see you around! XOXO

ps: make sure you turn the highest resolution (480p) on!

credits to:

Lana the camera-woman
Ali the ‘dugong’ man (u should pay attention to his swimming style)
Alfi, also one of my company in swimming
Johny the typhoid-man (GWS!)
Fa’athimah (not appeared) was having her night shift at the hospital
Tika was having an audio-streaming of her Koreans BabyBoys concert (definitely not cool!)

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