Why Model World Health Assembly (M-WHA)?

A couple weeks afterwards, the acceptance letter said it’s S’pore instead of Indonesia…


On my first years in medical school, I had a simple thought about my country’s health financing system. And this dull thoughts emerged a narrow perspective of recent general health problems in my country that may have arised since many years before. Indeed, it gave me blurred picture of the real causes of these health problems. I thought private insurance and taxes can solve it all, but then i know i was wrong. My study in preclinical years, in fact, couldn’t accomodate my curiosity and I got no adequate information regarding this health coverage system.

Now, I am in the last year of medical school, just a couple months away to be a ‘real’ doctors. Inevitably, i have to work in my country’s  health system to provide good health service to people. To deliver a good practice, as a soon-to-be-doctor, i have to grasp broader comprehension of my own national health coverage. In Indonesia, we’ve already running our brand-new social  health insurance for almost 8 months and the goverment and institution who is on charge is still establishing and improving all the errors which keep coming up. But I am pretty sure, we are on the right track to establish better health financing system.

M-WHA is a big chance for me to learn other countries’ health coverage. I like to exchange the ideas with other delegates. I know we all have the same vision: to improve health outcomes of all people and reduce poverty which associated  with payment for health services. I don’t have any experience on UHC topic but just like I said before, since it has been a very strategic issue in my country for all of the healthcare personnels, I put a big concern to this UHC topic. And of course i want to speak up for my country (Indonesia) in this assembly. At the same time it will trigger me to learn in-depth about Indonesia’s health coverage/insurance. I believe to be involved in this very first M-WHA is a good opportunity for me to treat patients holistically in anykind of healthcare settings.


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