Kill The Time!

I’ve heard about a murderer who killed a family in a night. Not just heard, but I read it on the newspaper also.

On the other day, I watched news about a president who killed many of his citizens, in his country.

But, have you heard about a man or woman in history who killed the time?

No. Maybe there were people, at least, try to kill it. But you know what? instead of kill the the time, they killed themselves in despair. Pathetic.

So, time is the strongest thing on earth. It’s undefeated, people. You should kill your own ego. If you love someone, just be brave to loose him/her. If you really don’t want to be tortured, just be brave to kill what you feel most for him/her. Don’t be afraid to say, “I’m not missing him/her”.

And the most important of all is don’t be afraid to stand alone, without him/her beside you.

In the end, you don’t have to kill the time at all, because it will be such of your best friend.



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