Anomaly Life Cycle

To be honest, I’ve been sick of my cycle. Which cycle? Not those women periods of course. But generally, my life.

Aku menyebutnya anomali, because it’s way too… hmmm…abnormal! This is how I picture it….

Problema datang, reseptor sosial alamiah dalam tubuh teraktivasi. Otak mengonsolidasi untuk mencari jalan keluar. “Tell your friends!” said my brain. “But I do not have any of them…err, at least the one I can trust and make me comfort” said my heart (note: this isn’t heart as an vital organ in medicine definition). “What a pity, tell your Mom or Dad then” commanded my brain. “I’d better tell the mirror in my room” I replied soon. “Well, he is your only hope then” “I know, I hope so, I’ll try”. Ditemukan jalan keluar untuk segera berbagi sebelum semua jadi basi. I wait for the chance, it’s not an easy job anyway. Almost of my nights, the waitings cost for tears. I couldn’t stand for it!

When the moment comes, “you’re ready for the talk?” my brain ensured. I nodded, ready for the cure from him. 10 minutes….20 minutes…an hour… 2 hours… “I feel bad, he had much more than me” said my heart crying. “I can’t share this pain now, I can’t show him this weakness”. The days just over rapidly, kamuflase bekerja dengan rapi. But, the pain, (for God sake!), is still exist.

“So, what’s now?” ask my brain grinning. “it’s a cycle, I’ll just wait for the time to come again, let’s hope he won’t consider me as a pshyco” my heart answered. My brain insulted, “You are cursed,girl” “I am”.


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