The Rational Way to be Irrational

Bukan sulap, bukan sihir.

It is LOVE. yep, Exactly! and again I talk about this abstract thing.

For all of this time in my life, i never did such of this stupid thing. But i won’t call myself stupid though -__-

Meski udah diberi berlobus-lobus otak besar dengan korteks yang (insya Allah) keadaannya masih baik, aku masih bisa membuat keputusan seperti ini. Keputusan yang bisa disebut IRASIONAL. I don’t know yet which neural pathway I’ve taken to make this decision, but I’m sure this is the best way.

Tapi sesuatu yang IRASIONAL ini akan berubah menjadi RASIONAL jika didasari alasan cinta. I mean it’s about perception. When you see headline news on the TV about a young woman’s suicidal, you’ll say “what a holly crap stupid girl!” but after you hear the explanation from its newscaster, that love is the cause her suicidal, pay me a million dollar if you don’t feel sorry and say “ohh poor her, that really make sense”

The point is, hello you’ll take everything possible for a-little-crazy-thing called LOVE! So I say that it is rational to be irrational because of love 🙂

Hal tersebut benar-benar terjadi padaku. I’ll take everything I need to keep him with me. It just faith that make it’s the most promising way to keep us alive.

Do i look like mad in love? err not really, because I still do the math. I mean is it wrong if i keep this faith? Well you’ll ask, what about him? did he do the same? He said that I still the only woman he want to marry. The sweetest thing I’ve heard.

But….. I couldn’t see his words in his eyes. I wish it was the shadow of the night that obscured his eyes.



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