The Long Gone Soul

Bintaro, 25th Dec 2017

Hi there!

Finally, I am managed to gather all my willingness (and guts!) to start writing my thoughts down on this blog again. Who’s on earth writing blog nowadays? :p

So, where have I been? You might guess that I’ve been travelling around the world. Pushing myself too hard to get into the new environment. Classes, working places, bars, parks, beaches?

In fact, nowhere. I am staying here. Not physically. but, mentally instead. Nothing has really changed in me. I’d rather have a better understanding of my self. And this world through my lens.

Everyone has its own way of learning their inner soul. I am myself so extremely grateful that I chose my own path. Via studying abroad, travelling, new encounters with new people, broken-hearts (yes, it is plurals!), failures, and successes. Those definitely aren’t something I could take for granted in my twenty-six years of living. Maturity is a process itself, not the product.

However, the best things are yet to come. I am so ready for my new journey in the next chapter. As the end of the year is approaching, I feel like I need to set some new (meaningful) goals:

  • To start with, I should begin to fill up my personal journal again as part of my developing process. I just realised that the last time I wrote on my diary was eight years ago, during the early period of my college years! Seriously, writing a personal journal has many remarkable benefits. You don’t have to show off your writing skill like “ber-dialektika” or put a certain good narration on your story. You can just sketch everything down then it somehow relieves your pain. I like the idea of just keeping your words for yourself that it can be as genuine as possible. No need to acting out and bragging things you are proud of. On the other hand, journal writing has a role of being your life reflection. As you think retrospectively, you are able to discover something that you’ve never been aware of. And that is more than often very surprising….or upsetting 🙂
  • Journal writing wouldn’t be complete without updating your blog posts. Nope, the content of both platforms shouldn’t be the same. That I should filter everything out on the first place. Sharing what I have learned to the world has an immense reward for myself.
  • Exercise more regularly. period.
  • As I will start my PhD degree in just a few weeks, I must read more scientific journals (and endure the boredom of doing so). The problem is always on how to get rid of unimportant distractions (i.e messages notif, social media, flashbacks, etc)
  • Having a serious and stable relationship would be a great idea, wouldn’t it? NO, No. it is not necessary a marriage-until-death-do-us-apart. It can be as simple as an honest and mature long-term commitment 🙂

I am considering to consistently updating this blog in English instead of Bahasa. For the reason that I should keep improving my English writing skill (although it isn’t always true for academic writing). But, sometimes i find it more convenient to write in Bahasa, especially when it comes to Indonesia issues. So, let’s see which one gonna work best!

To sum up, it has been an arduous yet pleasant adventure in the recent years. The long gone soul is beyond excited to grow and embrace the novel experience that life has to offer in the future!

Merry xmas and happy new year!